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Carted Off To A New Home

, , , , , | Hopeless | January 9, 2018

I went to get some supplies at a pet store while they were having a pet adoption event. When I went by the cat cages, the workers were talking about a cat named Morris who was missing. Apparently, he was good at getting the cages open.

I got my supplies and decided to look at the aquariums, and I noticed a huge, fluffy, grey cat sitting on a shelf with the aquarium decorations. A couple with a cart stopped in front of the cat but didn’t notice him, since they were looking at the other side of the aisle. The cat nonchalantly climbed down and sat in the kids’ seat of the cart like he knew exactly what he was doing, and waited for them to turn around. They were surprised when they turned around, but they started petting him, and when I left the store they were filling out the paperwork to adopt him.

Sometimes pets pick their people, instead of the other way around.

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