Carry On That Same Old Line

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(I am a bad customer, but my story also includes a bad worker. I am travelling back from holidays and go to check in my luggage. I have my single piece of carry-on that fits the requirements.)

Check-In Person #1: “What hand luggage do you have?”

Me: “Just this carry-on.”

Check-In Person #1: “Oh, then you’ll have to check it in because it’s a full flight. But it’s free of charge.”

Me: “No. It’s a carry-on. I have nothing else to carry my things. And I’m not going to check-in my laptop, wallet, passport, and fragile things. I have no other way to carry them.”

Check-In Person #1: “You can take those things on your hands. But you’ll have to check-in your hand luggage.”

Me: *snapping* “Are you f****** kidding me? You want me to go through security and all the way around the airport with things in my hands? And the fragile things? Will you pay them for being broken?”

Check-In Person #1: “Don’t take that tone with me!” 

(At the same time, at the counter next to me, to another couple for the same flight:)

Check-In Person #2: “You have the option of checking-in your hand luggage free of charge, are you interested?”

Passengers: “No, thank you.”

Me: *getting even angrier* “Wait! Why can they choose and we are being forced? It’s the same type of hand luggage!”

Check-In Person #3: *pipes in* “That’s how it is, just following the rules.”

Me: “No. Following the rules would be everyone checking in, not only some. And I’m following what is specified that I can take with me. If you’re not allowing people to have hand luggage, then you need to inform them before.”

Check-In Person #3: “But you can take hand luggage, just not yours. But you can take your contents.”

Me: *yelling* “I have no f****** way of carrying my contents! And you’re clearly not allowing me to take my hand luggage!”

Check-In Person #1: *after returning from picking a card machine to pay for extra things that I had booked* “Okay, you can take your hand luggage with you. Gate [number]. Have a nice flight. Next?”

(My partner and I got our luggage inside the airplane, like everyone else, and there was plenty of space for everyone and everything. I know people have been pushing and sometimes take two and three pieces of hand-luggage when they can only take one, and if I had more than one, sure. But it’s not fair to penalize people that are following the requirements! Also, maybe airlines should change the requirements, in this case.)

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