Carrier-ing On Anyway

, , , | Right | May 10, 2018

(I work in the mobile phone department that sells services for various carriers. An older couple catches me while I am putting product away.)

Wife: “Hello, would you know what sales you have going on for [Phone]?”

Me: “Sure, who is your service provider? Do you have [Carrier #1], [Carrier #2], or [Carrier #3]?” *sales and promotions vary from carrier to carrier*

Husband: “Why don’t you give us [Carrier #1] and [Carrier #2]?”

Me: *goes through the promotions for both their chosen carriers*

Husband: “Oh, we don’t use [Carrier #2]! They don’t have good service where we live!”

Wife: “Well, thank you, anyway! We’ll try again later.”

Me: “…”

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