Carer In-call-nito

| Utah, USA | Working | April 3, 2013

(My friend was in the hospital at the time of this story. She didn’t have a phone for her specific room, so the number she gave us goes to the front desk.)

Employee: “[Hospital], how can I help you?”

Me: “Hi, I’m calling for [friend’s name].”

Employee: “Just a minute…”

(He sets down the phone, presumably to find my friend, but I can hear him talking in the background to another worker.)

Employee: “I don’t know why anyone would be calling her.”

(I’m confused and a little bothered by this, but wait patiently for him to get my friend. Eventually, the employee comes back on the phone.)

Employee: “Okay, well the staff will have her give you a call back later. Thanks for calling.”

Me: “Wait! Don’t you need to take down my name and number?”

Employee: “Uh… that’s not really my responsibility.”

Me: “Sorry?”

Employee: “That’s not my job. The staff will have her call you.”

Me: “How is she supposed to call me if she doesn’t know who called, let alone what number to call me at?”

Employee: “Not my problem.” *hangs up*

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