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Careful, Or She’ll Freeze You Right Out Of The Store

, , , , | Working | July 15, 2020

I’m out to buy “Frozen II”. The only shop that carries it in my town holds a judgemental lady who gives out incorrect information to patrons. She’s like a judgemental grandma. Due to the recent health crisis, I can’t visit the next town — one hour of travel with public transportation at least — and I figure I can just grin and bear it since it’s pretty much in-and-out. 

Me: “This movie, please.”

Lady: “Ah, yes, it was released today. Well, here it is, and here is your receipt. Better hold onto it tight!”

Me: “I will, but I doubt it will be defective; no movie from this store has ever been before!”

Lady: “Oh, no, dear, so you can return it. Don’t break the seal!”

Me: “Oh, that won’t be needed, thank you.”

Lady: “That’s what they all say, but you can bet this is a very popular gift!”

Me: “Well, only my husband would get this, and since I just told him I’d be out to get this, it would be really weird.”

Lady: “Men have been wrong before. There’s a big chance she already has it!”

Me: *Laughs* “I doubt that since it’s for me!”

Lady: *Silence* “For you?”

The rest of the transaction was done in silence, with a scowl on her face, and I did my best to remain polite and cheerful, but I was out right away. I can’t complain about her, either, since she has banned people for little things — misplacing a book on the shelf below — and this is the only store of this type nearby. Yes, I am scared to be banned.

She has a coworker and I sincerely wish I knew her schedule so I could avoid the judgemental lady.