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Car-Free Makes Him Too Care-Free

, , , , | Right | August 19, 2021

Car-free Sundays happened in several European countries in the twentieth century during times when oil — and, as such, gasoline — were scarce for whatever reason. In 1973, during the oil crisis, nobody was allowed to drive a car unless you had a special dispensation, which you needed to apply for. Examples of people who got these special dispensations were people with disabilities who needed their cars to get around and people with essential occupations, like healthcare workers.

My dad and his coworker both worked at the local hospital and got their special dispensations. Anyone caught driving a car on a car-free Sunday without one of these dispensations got a pretty hefty fine, and you bet police were on the lookout.

My dad’s coworker is driving to work when he gets pulled over by a pair of police officers.

Officer #1: “Sir, you know it is car-free Sunday, right?”

Coworker: “Certainly, Officer, but I have a special dispensation, see?”

He hands the officer the printed dispensation.

The police officer is apparently not very happy about the regulations for giving out these dispensations, grumbling under his breath loud enough for the coworker to hear.

Officer #1: “Special dispensations, hmph! I sure didn’t get one! Had to get up at bloody 5:30 am to go to work!”

Coworker: “Well, then, you should’ve gone to school and studied for a real job!”

The police officer gives him a look that says, “Oh, no, you did NOT just say that!”

Officer #1: “Hey, [Officer #2], does this car look suspicious to you?”

Officer # 2: *Who heard everything* “Very suspicious. And we’re close to the border; we’d better give it a thorough check.”

Officer #1: “Step out of the vehicle, please, sir, and show me your driver’s license.”

The coworker’s attitude earned him such a thorough vehicle search that he was an hour late for work. When he told my dad about it, Dad laughed in his face and told him he hoped he’d learned his lesson. Don’t insult cops, especially when they’re already in a bad mood.