Captain Warm-Hearted

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It’s my favorite time of year, as I get to meet some of the people who inspired me to take the step to the film-making career I’m working towards.

This year, I was waiting in a long line to get an autograph from one of my favorite actors who was a last-minute addition to the lineup that year, and my dad was waiting just outside the line.

This was the year we both decided to dress up; I went as Captain Cold, and he went as Old Man Logan, for which he made wood claws, learned how to make fake blood, and styled his hair.

I didn’t witness this encounter, as I was so focused on my nerves, but my dad loves to retell it.

While standing there, a young boy who had some sort of mental disability brightened up and made little noises when he saw my dad.

My dad, the closest thing to a real-life hero I have ever known, started talking to the boy. The boy’s caretaker smiled and said that Wolverine was his favorite character.

My dad smiled and said he was his, too. The boy was so excited and smiling, and they got a photo together.

Dad only later commented he should have asked the boy for his autograph.

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