Captain Janeway Would Not Approve

, , , , | Right | January 24, 2019

(I am taking orders and handing out food in drive-thru.)

Customer: “I’ll have a large, plain iced coffee. With sugar.”

(Plain iced coffees have cream and sugar. Plain just means there’s no flavor. In hindsight, I could have clarified if he wanted ONLY sugar, but we’re busy and I key in a regular, plain iced coffee, since that is technically what he ordered. As I go to hand him his coffee — with obvious cream in it — he gives me a weird look.)

Customer: “Um… can I get this black? With just coffee?”

Me: “So, you want just the ice and coffee?”

Customer: “Yeah.”

(It’s not unheard of for customers to change their minds, so I make his coffee with ice and coffee, no cream or sugar, just like he asked for. As I get the rest of his order, I see him take a sip and make a face.)

Customer: “Look, can you put something in this?”

Me: “So, you did want the sugar?”

Customer: “Uh… yeah.”

Me: “Not a problem.”

(He tries to hand me his cup so I can add the sugar. Unfortunately, for sanitary reasons, we’re not allowed to remove lids from customer’s drinks. I ask him to remove the lid so I can add the sugar. Naturally, this is the ONE lid that actually seals properly to the cup so after a few seconds of struggling to remove the lid, he gives up.)

Customer: *rolling his eyes like this is my fault* “Ugh, forget about it.”

(Moral of the story: know what you want and order it consistently. We make what you tell us to make.)

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