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(I am in a queue to collect my coffee at a popular coffee shop when I overhear this conversation. At this particular place, your order is taken at the till and you collect your coffee further down the store.)

Customer: *shoves past everyone to get to the tills* “There’s too much milk in my tea!”

Employee: “Oh, I’m sorry about that, ma’am. I’ll make you a new one, and you can pour the milk this time. Is that okay?”

(The employee makes the tea again and hands it to the customer, along with a carton of milk.)

Customer: “This tea looks funny. Why is it that color?”

(The employee is speechless. I can see the tea at this point and it does not look weird at all.)

Customer: *pushes tea back towards the employee* “I’ll pass on that; give me a cappuccino, instead.”

(The customer then adamantly refused to pay the extra money a cappuccino costs and stormed out of the store.)

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