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Cappuccino-No-No, Part 8

, , , | Right | October 13, 2022

I work at a licensed [Coffee Chain]; we aren’t owned by the chain, but we sell their products. A guy comes in and orders drinks for himself and his wife.

Customer: “Let me get a vanilla cappuccino for my wife.”

I make it, and he comes back a few minutes later.

Customer: “This is the wrong drink.”

I start to explain what a cappuccino is, figuring he meant to order a latte, which is what usually happens.

Customer: “No, I thought it was like a hot chocolate.”

After staring at him for a second, I make him a hot chocolate and go to charge him for it. Usually, I would have replaced it for free, but he’s been a jerk the entire time.

Customer: *Freaking out* “I shouldn’t have to pay for the drink when you messed up my order.”

Me: “My job is to make the drink you ordered. It’s not on me if that’s not the drink you wanted.”

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