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Cappuccino-No-No, Part 5

, , , , | Right | December 28, 2021

I’m a store manager. A woman comes in and orders a venti cappuccino. My assistant manager is at the bar with an experienced barista, and they are cranking out the beverages… until this one. One return, okay, no problem. Two returns, okay, but there is no way this one is wrong. Three returns… At this point, she is calling the assistant and the barista stupid and untrained, so I step in and call her over to the other end of the counter so that they can catch up with the drinks that are now piling up.

Me: “You shouldn’t speak to my staff like that; they are both experienced and are making the drink to our company standard.”

After listening, this woman wants us to put shots in a cup and then proceed to skim the foam off of all of our milk pitchers (in the past, we had large milk pitchers that we would steam as we went so there was always milk ready; now they steam milk per drink) to fill the cup the rest of the way.

Customer: “Tiffany knows how to make my drink.”

Tiffany was recently fired for no-showing for work twice as a supervisor, delaying the store opening, and costing us money and customer satisfaction. New boyfriend, bad influence.

Me: “If you want two shots and a cup of foam, you have to order it that way. A cappuccino is part foam and part liquid milk, which is why they made it the way they did; there is a standard recipe for cappuccinos.”

She continues to berate us for our service and for her drink being wrong, so when she finally gets out all that she needs to get out:

Me: “Please go elsewhere for your coffee, as, clearly, we are not able to serve you as you wanted.”

She is not expecting that response, as she is clearly accustomed to having her a** kissed, and I am not going to let my staff be treated like that.

I don’t remember if she left in a huff. I was headed to call my district manager to let her know I threw someone out and asked them not to return. I got major kudos from the staff there and the customers who were within earshot for standing up to a bully and defending my staff.

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