A Capital Idea For A Password

, , , , | Right | February 28, 2018

(I am a tech consultant and one day I am brought in to a hospital to help users learn some new software that is being implemented.)

Me: “Okay, everyone. Since we do not have your user IDs and passwords ready, I’m going to have each of you log in with a unique ID.”

(I hand those out and everyone enters their user ID.)

Me: “Okay, now, you all have the same password. Please enter the word ‘Password,’ with a capital P.”

User: “Um… What was the password, again?”

Me: “’Password,’ with a capital P.”

User: “Capital P?”

Me: “Yes, make sure the P in ‘Password’ is capitalized.”

User: “God, I know what a capital letter is. But when I type, ‘passwordwithacapitalP,’ I get an error.”

Me: “…”

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