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Can’t Weasel Out Of The Diesel

, , , , | Right | August 28, 2018

(A customer comes into my gas station and prepays her pump for $30. I finish the sale and wish her a good day, and she goes outside. Our first two pumps have a SEPARATE diesel hose, and she is at a pump where I cannot see her or the hoses. She’s driving a Ford Focus. The register beeps as she finishes pumping, and I see the back lights turn on as she starts her car. It just shuts right off. After a minute, she and what I assume is her husband come storming in.)

Husband: *yelling at me* “Hey! Did you really just let her put diesel fuel in our car?!”

Me: *incredibly confused* “Excuse me, sir?”

Husband: “You’re right, excuse you! You sat in the window laughing at her while she put diesel fuel in our car! It’s ruined the engine, and it’s your fault! You should have told her that was a diesel hose!”

(I had been assisting other customers. I explain that fact and the fact that I cannot see their car or the hoses from my position behind the register.)

Husband: *still yelling* “It’s your fault, and I’m going to call your manager and have you fired!”

Me: “That is your choice to make, but the diesel hose is clearly marked with a sticker in big, bold, black letters, and is a different color than the regular hose.”

(My manager, who had been in the back office, came out. The husband saw her and began cursing her out, saying I was a lazy employee and that I should be fired for what happened. She reiterated that the hose is clearly marked, and that I could not have any knowledge that she was using it. She offered to call them a tow truck and referred them to the auto mechanic up the road. Their faces were so red I thought they were both going to have an aneurysm.)

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