Can’t Wait Until End Of Period

, , , , | Learning | January 30, 2019

(Our English teacher told us rules at the start of the year that he expected to be followed, one of which was that he’d never give us permission to go to the toilets during class. Ever.)

Teacher: “There’s no reason any of you can’t go before the lesson or hold on for an hour.”

(One day I start getting the horrible cramps that mean I’m getting my period and I HAVE to leave the lesson to go put a pad on pretty much ASAP, else I’ll make a mess. I’m fourteen and have very heavy, painful periods. So, I stick my hand up and say I have to go to the toilets RIGHT NOW.)

Teacher: “And why should I just break the rules for you? Hmm? Just hold on”

Me: “Sir, I can’t. It’s a ‘women’s-issues’ thing. It’ll only take a few minutes to sort.”

Teacher: “Periods? No. No, you’ll just have to hold it in like an adult.”

Me: “But—“

Teacher: “But NOTHING! Grow up! Just hold it in for ten minutes till the end of this lesson! You should have more control!”

(I ended up actually just getting up and leaving the room with a sanitary towel out of my bag clasped in my hand and my teacher yelling at me to “GET BACK IN HERE.” I still wasn’t fast enough to avoid a stain on my skirt, so I got one of the other teachers to send me home to change clothes after. My parents have complained about our English teacher now, but nothing seems to be happening because the school has said that he was right and that I should have just waited the ten minutes, and that young girls don’t have heavy periods.)

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