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Can’t Vouch(er) For His Entitlement

, , , , | Right | October 5, 2020

I am working in the drive-thru. The store is running a promotion where if an order takes over three minutes to assemble from paying — not ordering — they receive a voucher for a free burger. If we have to park your order, then you automatically get a voucher. It is one voucher per car, regardless of how many orders are in the car.

There have been a lot of people running scams to try and get extra vouchers, taking three minutes to order and then complaining, adding to the order at the payment window, claiming their drink order is incorrect at the window, etc.

There is a timer screen at the pickup window so people can see if they are close to three minutes; some people sit and “check” and then claim they deserve one because we force them to check.

Basically, we are all sick of getting yelled at for assembling the orders too quickly because it means they don’t get a voucher. Please note that the three-minute clock is separate to our drive-thru times, so we will often park cars to keep our best times in drive-thru, which is what the managers check anyway, not how many vouchers we give away.

Manager: “You will need to park this car; it’s two orders and the one behind it is ready. That way we won’t lose both cars and we will stay on 100% for our drive-thru times.”

Me: “No worries.”

I speak to the car.

Me: “Hi there. Here are your drinks. So sorry but there is a small wait on your order, so if you can please park in waiting bay number one, then we will run it out to you when it is ready.”

Customer: “I want a voucher, then.”

Me: “Yes, you will receive one; it will be bought out with your orders. If I can please—”

Customer: “No! We have two orders, so we will each be getting a voucher.”

Me: “Actually, it is one per car, regardless of how many orders, so—”

Customer: “No! We have two. That’s two orders and they will both be late. So we get two vouchers!”

This goes on for a minute or so; they keep insisting they deserve two. I show them the terms and conditions pamphlet.

Me: “As you can see, it is one per car—”

Customer: “NO, NO, NO! I’m being very reasonable and I’m trying to explain to you how things should be when we are having to wait.”

Manager: “[My Name], don’t worry about it; we’ve dropped the car and it’s being brought over.”

My manager hands me the order.

Me: “Here are your orders; have a nice day.”

Customer: “Wait, where are our vouchers?”

Me: “Well, because you refused to park your car, we have actually beaten the three minutes, as you can see by the timer.”

Customer: “NO, NO—”

Me: “As you can see, we have beaten three minutes; have a nice day!”


Manager: “We beat the clock; you should have listened to [My Name]. Also, you have caused a delay at lunchtime; every car behind you will receive a voucher, but you will not.”

My manager walks away, leaving me at the window with my customer service smile on.

Customer: *Sheepishly* “So, uh, if I park now, then I will get the one voucher?”

Me: “No, if you park now you will be illegally parked in our waiting bay. You refused to park, allowing us to beat the clock. If you had parked, you would have received one voucher. Sitting here now is only causing your food to get cold and the people behind you to wait longer, but none of this will change our minds regarding the voucher as we now have to give one to everyone else.”

I turn as I hear laughter behind me. The shift manager, store manager, and owner are standing behind me, all laughing.

Owner: “You heard her. Out of drive-thru before she gives you a hair toss and a victory dance.”

The customer drove off.

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