Can’t Top Their Cheapness

, , , , | Right | September 14, 2020

I am working at the concession of a movie theatre. The lobby has seating for customers and is in plain view of the concession. A customer approaches me with a half-empty popcorn.

Customer: “Hi, could I get some more butter on this, please?”

Me: “Sure!”

Customer: “Oh, and could you top it up while you’re at it?”

Me: “Um… No, sorry, I can’t.”

Customer: “Why not?”

Me: “I can’t give you more popcorn than you paid for.”

Customer: “I just want a full bag! You people never fill the bags up properly; as soon as you shake it a bit, it’s only half full!”

Me: “Sir, firstly, I personally make sure popcorn bags are completely full before they go out. Second, I could see you sitting at that table eating it. I can’t just give you half a bag of free popcorn.”

Customer: “This is ridiculous! These places are so cheap!”

The customer starts ranting and I proceed to put butter on what’s left of his popcorn.

Me: *Handing it back* “There you go, sir!”

He glared, snatched the popcorn, and walked away.

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