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Can’t Think Outside The Box

| Working | March 23, 2015

(I go into our local serve-yourself bakery to buy muffins for some staff meetings. I needed two dozen, but because the meetings are spaced throughout the day, I pack eight muffins into three different boxes.  I get up to the register to pay and the clerk tries to charge me for three dozen.)

Me: “I only have two dozen.”

Clerk: “But you have three boxes so it’s three dozen.”

Me: “Yes, I have three boxes, but there are only eight in each box which equals two dozen.

Clerk: “Nope. Three boxes equals three dozen.”

(After going round and round with her several times, I ask for the manager. She goes into the back to get him and as soon as he comes out, he says without even looking:)

Manager: “Three boxes is three-dozen.”

(I put the boxes on the counter and walked out. I ended up at my local supermarket where I bought two dozen donuts in three boxes without any problems.)

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