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Can’t Take Charge

| Related | March 6, 2016

(My family is at my brother’s middle school volleyball game. My younger cousin, aged three, gets bored so my grandmother takes him outside. Since she wants to watch the game and the kids can’t watch themselves, I get delegated to babysit. The following gem occurs.)

Grandmother: “Okay [Three-Year-Old Cousin], I’m going back inside to watch the game. While I’m gone, [My Name] is in charge, so listen to him.”

Three-Year-Old Cousin: “What does that mean?”

Grandmother: “It means you can’t go play in the parking lot.”

Three-Year-Old Cousin: “Why not?”

Grandmother: “Because I said so.”

Three-Year-Old Cousin: “But you said [My Name] was in charge.”

Grandmother: “…”

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