Can’t Sweet-Talk His Way Out Of This One

| Romantic | October 23, 2013

(It is our first year of marriage. I am very excited to pass out Halloween candy from our first home together as a couple. I have purchased a very large bag of candy, and place it on top of the fridge. When Halloween rolls around, I go to grab the candy bag. My husband is in the living room playing video games.)

Me: “Okay, I’m gonna fill the candy bowl now.”

Husband: “…uh huh.”

(I grab the bag, and suddenly I am showered with candies as they fall from the bag.)

Me: “HEY! The candy bag has a big hole in it!”

Husband: “Oh. Uh… really?”

(I turn to stare at him, as it dawns on me what has happened.)

Me: “Have you been sneaking candy out of the bag this whole time?!”

(My husband never looks up from the game.)

Husband: “…umm …maybe?”

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