Can’t Stick To The Beat

| PA, USA | Romantic | March 24, 2017

(After a week-long hospital stay, my fiancée picks me up. As we make the long drive home, a song that she *REALLY* likes comes on. Unable to resist, she starts to sing along… completely off key, which isn’t unusual. I sing along as well, but on key. When the song ends, I look at her.)

Me: “Awww…my poor baby. You couldn’t carry a tune if it was Crazy-Glued to your back.”

Fiancée: *pouting* “I know I can’t sing.”

Me: “Don’t beat yourself up, baby…” *pause* That’s my job.”

Fiancée: “What?!”

Me: “Sorry… that was an apparent breakdown of my brain-mouth filter. Love me anyway?”

Fiancée: “I love you because… although I’m questioning that at this moment.”

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