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Can’t Stay Stationary

| Working | June 23, 2015

(I am working as a temp in a book shop. I am 17 and it’s my first ever job. The main manager has been off for a while with a broken leg and so it is decided that two deputy managers would co-run the place.)

Manager #1: “Hey, I need you to rearrange the stationary.”

(Minutes later:)

Manager #2: “Why are you doing that? There are books that need to be priced.”

Me: “I was told to do this but I’ll do that first, then.”

Manager #1: “Why are you not doing what I asked you to do?!”

Me: “Oh, [Manager #2] told me to do this first.”

Manager #1: “No, I wanted stationery doing. If I had wanted the books done first I would have told you to do the books!”

Me: “Okay…” *starts redoing the stationery*

Manager #2: “Are you deaf or something? What did I tell you to do?”

Me: “[Manager #1] told me to do this first.”

Manager #2: “Well, I’m telling you to do the books first.”

Me: “I’m just caught in the middle here… I just do what I’m told.”

Manager #2: “And I’m telling you to do the books.”

Me: “Okay, fine.”

Manager #1: *minutes later* “Stationery. Now.”

Me: “[Manager #2] said to do this.”

Manager #1: “Well, I want you to do what I tell you from now on. He didn’t even want to hire you…”

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