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You Can’t Snake Around This Behavior

, , , | Learning | December 5, 2017

(My son has a pet snake that his younger sister adores. She is only seven, but she already wants to work with them when she’s older. Her class has a school trip to a local zoo, which has a reptile exhibit. My daughter is extremely excited about it the morning of the trip, but comes home early with a teacher. She has been crying, and she runs up to her bedroom before saying a word. The teacher asks to have a word with me.)

Teacher: “Your daughter has an unhealthy obsession that you need to correct.”

Me: “Sorry, I don’t follow.”

Teacher: “SNAKES! It’s all she would talk about! The first place she wanted to go was the snake exhibit!”

Me: “And that’s a problem? She wants to work with them when she’s older.”

Teacher: “I hate them! It isn’t normal. I told her never to speak of them again, or I would send her home.”

Me: “Is that why you brought her home? Did she even see the exhibit?”

Teacher: “Of course not. I don’t encourage deviant behaviour!”

Me: “No, you just crushed my daughter’s aspirations to work with animals because of your own opinions about them. The exact opposite of what a teacher should do.”

Teacher: *blushes*

Me: “I’ll be speaking with the school before I move her to a better school. Now if you could please leave.”

(I called the school the second she left and filed a complaint. In the next week before I removed my daughter, the teacher tried to get her excluded for being aggressive and physically violent with the other kids, which didn’t work, as there were other teachers on the trip too who vouched for me. The last I heard, the teacher was suspended temporarily, and then moved to a role where she didn’t need to work with children, which apparently is common at that school. It has a larger administration staff than teachers. My daughter is much happier at her new school, and my son leaves the snake with her while he is at university.)

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