Can’t Seem To Get With The Programming

| Learning | January 30, 2016

(During my third year, some of my friends convince me to take a web programing class even though I’m not really interested. The teacher is super nice and walks everyone through the program before giving everyone a list of assignments that we are supposed to finish by the end of the term. Two weeks into the class I finish the final assignment.)

Me: *turning to my friend sitting behind me* “I’m done. So what now?”

Friend: “Done with what?”

Me: “The assignments. It was a lot easier than I thought so I just kept working on them and now I’m done. Actually, I’m a little disappointed because they were pretty fun.”

Friend: “Yeah, I probably should have told you no one actually does any of the class work until like the end of the semester.”

Me: “What? Then what have you been doing this whole time?!”

Friend: “Reading fanfiction. Hey, can I copy your assignments so I don’t have to do them?”

Me: “What? No! You’re better with computers than I am. It will probably only take you a week to finish them yourself.”

Friend: “Fine, whatever.”

(Turns out the shared folder where we were supposed to turn in our assignments was open to every computer in the class so once word got around that I had finished, everyone copied my work anyway and turned it in with their name on it. The teacher found out easily and jokingly thanked me for giving everyone an A.)

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