Can’t See The Wood For The Trees

| Learning | January 31, 2014

(I’m in 6th year, have finished my final exams, have been awarded the top academic prize, and am waiting to leave school. We are required to attend a mandatory meeting with the careers advisory teacher, someone I have had zero contact with throughout my entire time at school and who, as far as I’m aware, has no knowledge of me.)

Teacher: “So I understand from Mr. [Name] that you do a lot of mountaineering and climbing?”

Me: “Yes…”

Teacher: “Great. I have decided that since you spend a lot of time in the hills that you should be a forester. I have a got a lot of details on apprenticeships and training you can start on.”

Me: “What on earth are you talking about?”

Teacher: “I’m the careers advisory teacher and I decide what you should do.”

Me: “Yeah, that’s never going to happen. If you actually did your job you might know that I have a place studying law at university in September. Thanks for your ‘help,’ but no thanks!”

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