Can’t See The Smokers For The Scams

| Friendly | October 5, 2016

(I am waiting for my bus to arrive. The bus/train station has a small kiosk. I have noticed a young girl, no more than 15, walking up to people, asking them something every time and getting a no. I thought she was asking for change which I would have helped her out with but I found that was wrong when she came up to me.)

Girl: “Hey, could you buy me a pack of Longbeach?” *cigarettes*

Me: “Seriously? No”

Girl: “Aw, come on, lady. I can give you the money for them. Please, no-one will know.”

Me: “Listen, there are two very big reasons why I’m not going to help you. One: you’re clearly underage and the fine if I got caught I can’t afford. Two: the woman who runs the kiosk has known my family and me since I was 15 and knows about my serious asthma and knows I don’t smoke. So can’t help there.”

(She stomped off calling me names.)

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