Can’t See The French Disconnection

| Related | December 28, 2015

(I am working in the kids’ section when a boy and his dad come in. The boy clearly isn’t able to read on his own yet. He wanders into the corner where we have books in French.)

Boy: “Daddy, read this one to me?”

Dad: “Sure!” *he walks over to his son and looks at the book* “Oh, I’m sorry, buddy, you’ll have to pick a different book. This is in French.”

Boy: “But I want you to read this one.”

Dad: “I wish I could, but I can’t. It’s not in English.”

Boy: “But it looks really good.”

Dad: “Yes, I know, buddy, but I can’t read French.”

Boy: *frustrated* “Well, then just say it in English!”

(I walked away giggling as the dad kept trying to explain why he couldn’t just read the French language book aloud in English!)

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