Can’t Rule More Than The Roost

| Sydney, NSW, Australia | Related | August 2, 2014

(Growing up, my father demanded I was home by a certain time and I was supposed to let him know where I was going. He told me that while I lived under his roof, I had to follow his rules. I married at 23, moving out with my husband. I get a call late the next night from my father. This is before mobile phones.)

Dad: “Where have you been all day?”

Me: “We went out. Why? What’s wrong?”

Dad: “I was worried! You weren’t answering your phone. I rang around everywhere I could think of. I called your in-laws and they didn’t know where you were. You didn’t tell me you were going out or where you were going to. I was so worried.”

Me:  “Um, Dad, I’m married.”

Dad: “Yes, I know.”

Me: “I also no longer live under your roof. I don’t need your permission to go anywhere or have to let you know where I am at all times.”

Dad: “But—”

Me: “It was your rule.”

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