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Can’t Quite Tap It Into Their Heads

, , , , , | Right | June 2, 2020

I work in a liquor store, usually during afternoon and evening hours. A lot of the customers are tradespeople who stop by the store on their way home from work and are generally tired from a long day. I’m often lucky to get more than one-word answers, even though I’m a pretty chirpy person!

Our store offers cash out with any purchase, but you have to insert or swipe your card to do it, or else it doesn’t work. A customer walks up to the counter with a six-pack of beers.

Me: “G’day, mate, just those ones tonight?”

Customer: “Yep. Card.”

I ring up the transaction through the card machine and wait for them to put it through.

Customer: “Oh, can I get $40 cash out?”

To make any changes, I have to cancel the transaction and put it through the card machine again. I do, and I add $40 to the cash-out option.

Me: “Right on. Insert or swipe when you’re ready.”

Customer: *Taps*

I clench my jaw. It always takes a few seconds for the card machine to decline, but it’s an agonising wait until it does. It declines.

Me: “Sorry, you’ve got to insert or swipe for cash out.”

The customer stands wordlessly, looking down at the card machine, card in hand. I ring the transaction through again. They insert the card and slowly type in the PIN. This time, it goes through. I hand the $40 across the counter.

Me: “Okay, awesome. Need a receipt with that tonight?”

Customer: “Nope.”

Me: “Okay, well, have an awesome night!”

They start walking out.

Customer: “Yep.”

I try in vain to un-clench my jaw. This sort of interaction can happen multiple times a night.