Can’t Quite Put His Finger On It

| Working | April 19, 2014

(My sister and I are dining at a restaurant. We are seated next to the soda dispenser.)

Sister: “Waiter, can I get a refill?”

Waiter: “Sure.”

(The waiter pinches the mouth of my sister’s glass and refills her soda. We see that because of the way he is holding the drink his fingers have touched the liquid. The waiter returns with my sister’s drink.)

Sister: “I’m sorry, but did you put your fingers in the soda?”

(I believe the waiter has misheard because he gives her a very puzzled look and then puts one of his fingers into her soda.)

Me: “Um… she was saying that you put your fingers into her soda when you were refilling it.”

Waiter: *goes wide-eyed as this dawns on him* “Oh! Sorry!”

(He sheepishly took his finger out of the drink, then went back to the soda dispensers to get my sister a new glass, making sure to watch where his fingers ended up.)

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