Can’t Quite Pin Down A Translation

, , , , | Right | January 3, 2018

(I am running the parts counter when a customer approaches me. I don’t speak Spanish and a large portion of the customers that come in don’t speak English.)

Customer: “I’m looking for this.” *shows me a picture of the entire front suspension*

Me: “What part?”

Customer: *points at nothing specific* “The penis. I need the penis.”

Me: *trying to contain laughter* “The what?”

Customer: “The penis. This one.” *points at nothing specific again*

(I get a Spanish speaker to handle the customer because of the language barrier. Shortly later he leaves.)

Me: “What the h*** did he want? He kept asking me for a penis.”

Coworker: “Peñas is a Spanish word that is pronounced a similar way; it has something to do with pins.”

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