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Can’t Quite Make Out The Author

| Learning | May 17, 2016

(I’m in the advanced math class, doing a class two years ahead of my grade level with around twenty other kids. The teacher is reading from a life principles book, and nobody’s really listening. I glance into a corner and there are two boys making out. One of them has a girlfriend in the class, who is watching.)

Teacher: “…and once you define that purpose, you’ll be able to start working towards it.” *pauses and glances up*

(At this point, pretty much the entire class is watching the scene in the corner. A classmate notices this and raises their hand so the teacher doesn’t notice.)

Classmate: “Mr. [Teacher], who wrote this book?”

Teacher: “Uhm, hold on a sec. I left the cover in the cabinet…”

(The two boys are making out near the cabinet.)

Boy’s Girlfriend: “I can get it!” *stands up quickly*

(At this point, the teacher is suspicious, and looks in the corner. He sees the two boys.)

Teacher: “Uhm, I guess maybe I should just check the title page…”

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