Can’t Put Our Finger(prints) On What’s Wrong With This Employee

, , , | Working | June 23, 2020

I work in HR at a nursing home that fingerprints employees when they’re hired. We use a local agency and provide paperwork and a check to pay for the fingerprinting, which the new employee is given to take with them. A newly-hired employee comes in to pick up her paperwork this morning.

Employee: *To the receptionist* “I need to pick up my fingerprinting paperwork.”

[Receptionist] momentarily forgets I gave her the paperwork and motions the new employee over to me.

Receptionist: “She’s got it for you.”

Me: “[Receptionist] you have the paperwork, remember?”

We all laugh a little and [Receptionist] gives the employee the envelope with her paperwork in it. The phone then rings and [Receptionist] answers it.

The employee comes over to my desk with the clearly labeled envelope in hand.

Employee: “I need to pick up my fingerprinting paperwork.”

Trying desperately not to roll my eyes, I just motion to the envelope in her hand.

Employee: “Oh, this is it?”

Me: *Nodding* “Yes.”

We all have another chuckle and the new employee goes on her way.

An hour later, [Receptionist] answers the phone and starts saying something about the caller picking up the wrong check. Our payday is on Friday, and this is Wednesday. There’s no way someone has just picked up a paycheck, and how would it take so long to notice it wasn’t theirs if they picked it up days ago?

Receptionist: “I’ll have you talk to [My Name].”

I answer the phone after [Receptionist] transfers it. It’s the new employee who picked up her paperwork earlier.

Employee: “I think you gave me the wrong check. It has [Fingerprinting Company] on it.”

I roll my eyes and shake my head at [Receptionist] as I answer the new employee.

Me: “Yes, that’s the name of the fingerprinting company.”

Employee: “Oh! This is the check to pay them?!”

Me: “Yes, it is.”

Seriously?! And to top it off, just two weeks ago we had another new employee who didn’t get her fingerprints done because “they wouldn’t let me or my mom pay for it.” Ugh… I just wonder what these people think we included a check for? Did they think we were paying THEM $101 to get their fingerprints done?

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