You Can’t Put This Behind You

, , , , , | Working | May 2, 2018

(I am a skinny 18-year-old girl and have just started a new job. I am told to introduce myself to my new coworkers, and I nervously walk up to three of them. One is an older woman, and the other two are young boys about my age. Before I can even introduce myself, this happens.)

Female Coworker: “I’m just sayin’ that us curvy women are better to do from behind. You have more to grab onto back there. I mean, really.”

(She grabs my arm and whisks me around so my back is toward them all.)

Female Coworker: “Would you want to do her from behind?”

(Both the boys look very uncomfortable, and I am in shock, so she continues.)

Female Coworker: “Skinny girls are just made to ride on top. I bet you like being on top, don’t you?”

(I ran away crying, as I was still a virgin at the time and was highly embarrassed. Both the boys came up to apologize to me, and we became good friends. I never did get along with that older coworker, though.)

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