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Can’t Hold A Candle Up To This Cashier

, , , | Right | January 2, 2018

(I get called to a register to assist with a customer who has asked to speak to a manager.)

Me: “Hi, how can I help you?”

Customer: *waving a receipt in the air* “Yes, I was here last week, and I spent WELL over $30 on [Brand Candle] products, so I was entitled to the free candle “gift with purchase.” But that cashier said you didn’t have any more, so I couldn’t get it!”

(She continues badmouthing “that cashier” for several more moments, finishing with “She’s here today, but I’m not going to say who it was though…”)

Customer: “Now I’m in here today, and the signs are still up! That’s false advertising, if signs are still up for a free gift you don’t even have!”

Me: “Okay, well, I do apologize about that. I happen to have the free candle in stock today, so I can certainly take care of that for you right now.”

(I use her receipt to start processing the transaction, and she starts being nicer and back-pedaling a bit about the cashier from last time, saying that she wasn’t trying to get her in trouble or anything, and that she’s always so nice and helpful all the time. She again says she won’t name names, especially since she’s getting what she wants now, but I can tell which cashier did the original transaction from looking at the receipt. As I finish up the new transaction, I put on my most forbidding and serious voice and face.)

Me: “I do apologize again for your inconvenience, ma’am. It was completely unacceptable, and I will make sure that [Cashier] is addressed regarding this matter.”

Customer: *uncertain and a little nervous at this point* “Umm… Oh, no, she’s usually so great!”

Me: *ominously* “It WILL be addressed. I’ll see to it personally.”

Customer: “Uhh, nicely, I hope! Thanks!” *practically runs out the door*

(I run over to the cashier, who is at her station near the window.)

Me: “Hey, see that lady? Do you recognize her?”

Cashier: “Yeah, she’s a regular. She’s in here all the time!”

Me: “Well, she didn’t hesitate before throwing you under the bus…”

(I explain what just happened, and my response.)

Me: “So consider yourself addressed and next time you see her, pretend you almost got fired over a stupid free candle.”

(This has become a joke in the store for how ridiculous people can be, but I hope that lady went home feeling horrible that she might have gotten someone in serious trouble over something so stupid. Nothing like trying to mess with someone’s livelihood over a $10 free gift.)

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