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Can’t Hear You Over The Sound Of Your Ovaries

, , , | Right | October 1, 2019

(I work at an office supply store in our tech center. I am the only girl in that entire department and I pick things up from our computer techs. Other than the boys behind the counter, everyone else is fairly new to the department. A customer walks into the store and heads directly to our computer section; I walk over to ask if he needs assistance.)

Me: “Hello, sir. May I answer any questions for you today?”

Customer: *gruff* “No, I’ve got it.”

Me: “All right, well, if you have any questions for me, my name is [My Name]; feel free to let me know.”

(About thirty seconds later, my male coworker walks over to ask the same question.)

Customer: *lit up at the sight of a man* “Yes! I have a ton of questions. I have no idea what I need. I want to know [technical questions], about battery life, and about what would be right for me to run my business with.”

Male Coworker: “Um… You know, I’m still fairly new here. Let me grab our computer expert.”

(He then runs to grab me to assist.)

Me: “Hello again, sir. I heard you may have some questions for me. [Coworker] is still fairly new so he’ll probably stick around to learn some things, just like you.”

Customer: “Oh, I, uh… Okay. Well. I guess. So, you’re the best with all this.”

Me: “Yes, sir, I’ve picked up quite a lot working here. I’m sure I can send you home with a lot more knowledge, too.”

(I then spend a couple of minutes explaining a few details about our computers.)

Customer: “Well, I have to go to a meeting.”

Me: “All right, I hope this helped. I hope to see you in the future.”

(The customer then leaves.)

Male Coworker: “So… he didn’t want your help because you’re a girl. Does that happen a lot?”

Me: “Unfortunately, yes.”

(The customer came back about an hour later and I helped him get everything he needed. I wish I could say that this was rare, but it happens often, even with female customers.)

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