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Can’t Hear You Over The Sound Of Your Icon’s Ovaries

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A certain mobile game I play is mostly single-player but has multiplayer elements. Different players can form groups of up to thirty, called alliances, to overcome some harder challenges or battle other alliances for supremacy. Players in each alliance tend to become pretty close friends, in my experience.

I was chatting with a few players in my alliance, just some friendly banter back and forth. At one point, I jokingly switched my player image from the one I’ve used for over a year — one of the nonhuman heroes — to a different one, a female human with dark, windswept hair. After the conversation died down, I decided to keep the change, since it had been so long.

The next day, a player who hadn’t been present during the initial exchange noticed my new player image.

Player: “Hey, [My Name], what gives? I thought you were a guy?”

Me: “I am a guy, yes.”

Player: “You really shouldn’t be using a female image, then!”

Me: “Player icons are not restricted to reflect players in real life. Or did you think I was a four-foot-tall rabbit before?”

They acknowledged my point and let it go.

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