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Can’t Get Unstuck From Them

| Working | June 13, 2015

(I get my car inspected in another state at [Bad Repair Company]. I suspect it has issues and it fails the inspection. The registration is also soon to expire, but not for another month.)

Employee: “We can fix it for $300.”

Me: “What? No. I’ll take it up the road. Wait, where’s my registration sticker?”

Employee: “We have to scrape all stickers. It’s the law.”

Me: “No! I need the registration sticker. Even after it’s repaired I’ll still need it! It’s illegal to scrape those!”

Manager: “What’s the problem?”

Me: “Where’s my registration sticker? Why would you scrape that?!”

Manager: “NO! It’s the LAW! We have to scrape ALL stickers!”

Me: “That wasn’t an inspection sticker. It was a REGISTRATION STICKER issued by my state. That’s illegal to scrape!”

Manager: “NO! I KNOW THE LAW!”

(After more arguing they finally gave me the scraps of my registration sticker, which somewhat still had my information on it, and I drove off. After that I was even MORE determined to have someone more knowledgeable repair my car, and went to someone else to get it re-inspected afterwards.)

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