Can’t Get To The Cedar Point Of The Conversation

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I work in a store that sells kitchenware and gadgets that help with doing anything in the kitchen. I just started working here.

Today is my first day out on the floor and running the register by myself. As I work late shift, there is hardly anyone that comes into the store. The store phone rings and I’m the one to answer it. The caller is a woman, maybe in her thirties.

Me: “Hello, and thank you for calling [Store]; how may I help you today?”

Caller: “Hello, how are you today?”

Me: “I’m doing well, thank you. So, how may I assist you today?”

Caller: “How far are you from Cedar Point?”

Me: “Excuse me. Did I hear you correctly, asking if I was close to Cedar Point?”

Caller: “Yes. If I were to drive, how close are you?”

Me: “Umm… maybe an hour and a half away? If you drive really fast and don’t get pulled over?”

Caller: “Oh, well, do you sell [part of packaged item]?”

Me: “No, I’m sorry, ma’am, but we don’t sell single items from the package.”

Caller: “Oh, well, I’m looking at your website and it says that it’s included with [other product], but I just need the lid.”

Me: “Yet again, I’m sorry to say that we don’t sell just the lid.”

Caller: “I’m taking my children to Cedar Point. Do you know where there is a strip mall near here?”

Me: “Well, as I don’t live near the area, I’m not familiar with any stores there. My best guess is to use the Internet to search the area for a similar store near Sandusky, Cleveland, or Toledo.”

Caller: “You don’t know what you’re talking about; let me talk to a manager.”

As the manager is on her break, I go up to the only other coworker and tell her that this lady is asking for her as I explain everything else.

Coworker: “Hello, this is [Coworker] from [Store]. As my coworker has explained to you, we are not stationed near Sandusky and we do not have knowledge of the area. I agree with her on the fact that looking it up online is the best solution to your problem.”

There is silence as the caller speaks.

Coworker: “Thank you and have a great day.”

Me: “Yeah, you have the magic touch to get off the phone.”

Coworker: “Thanks, but more often, I’m yelled at, so we were lucky. And she said sorry… sort of.”

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