Can’t Get Pasteurized Past Her Eyes

| Working | March 31, 2014

(My wife is a big fan of specialty cheeses, and she likes when I surprise her with new ones she’s never tried before. She’s currently pregnant, so I need to be careful not to buy her unpasteurized cheese.)

Me: *pointing to a random cheese I’ve never heard of* “Is that cheese pasteurized?”

Deli Worker: “It’s goat cheese.”

Me: “Yes, but is it pasteurized?”

Deli Worker: “It’s goat cheese.”

Me: “I know it’s goat cheese. I’m asking if it’s pasteurized or not.”

Deli Worker: *stares blankly*

Me: “Some cheeses are pasteurized, others aren’t. I need to know if that one is or not.”

Deli Worker: “I don’t know what ‘pasteurized’ is. It’s goat cheese.”

(I give up and just buy some brie, because unlike most of the cheeses in the display I could read its ingredient label through the glass. How somebody who’s been selling cheeses for years doesn’t know what pasteurization means, I have no idea!)

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