Can’t Get No Dissatisfaction

, , , | Working | September 6, 2019

(I’ve been telling my officemate about my unfortunate trip back to London from visiting family on the bus where, due to a combination of traffic, mandated breaks for the bus driver, and no replacement drivers being available, I ended up making my own way from a stop at the edges of London — as opposed to the stop in central London that I was meant to be taken to — to get back to my flat. A feedback survey is emailed to me so I decide to do it, reading it out to my officemate.)

Me: “‘How satisfied were you with the journey?’ Hmm… Somewhat dissatisfied.”

Officemate: “Somewhat?”

Me: “Yeah. I am somewhat dissatisfied.”

Officemate: “I kind of thought you’d go for ‘very.’ Didn’t you end up at Heathrow?”

Me: “Yeah. But I was thinking about this. I mean, Heathrow is London Heathrow. It had the name in the title. So it’s not like he just completely abandoned us in, I don’t know, Reading or Strood. He was kind of close. Right city, I mean.”

Officemate: “I thought it took you nearly two hours to get home from there.”

Me: “True. It did only cost me a quid, though.”

Officemate: “On top of your bus ticket?”

Me: “Yeah.”

Officemate: “Did they offer you compensation?”

Me: “Nope. They said we could wait 45 minutes for the driver’s break to finish or make our own way and I just thought, you know what, it’ll be quicker for me to make my own way.”

Officemate: “You have a very low bar for satisfaction.”

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