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Can’t Get N-E Rest With These Mixups

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Many years ago, when I first got Internet service, I suddenly stopped getting emails. I called the ISP (a local outfit), and after some digging around, they found that someone with a first name similar to mine (e.g., Joan versus Joanne) and the same last name had called them. She thought her customers were using the wrong email and asked that all emails going to jmurphy@(ISP) be redirected to her. That, of course, was my email. I had not gotten anything that should have gone to her, so I don’t know why she decided she needed to redirect my email, but it was all sorted out, and I hope the person who mindlessly went along with her request got educated on being a bit more careful.

Back then, Joanne lived in a town about thirty miles from me. Now, it seems she’s moved quite a bit closer. I got a message confirming an appointment with my dentist that I never made. The office finally realized that they had a Joan and Joanne with the same last name and said they were going to straighten it out, but I got a text asking me to update my information for her appointment a couple of days ago.

Yesterday, I got a phone call from my pharmacy saying my prescription was ready. I was not expecting any prescriptions. I know they never answer their phone, so I trekked down there first thing this morning to find out what was going on. The pharmacist told me which doctor had prescribed it as if that would jog my memory. I had never heard of that doctor. Several minutes at the computer later, she finally realized that the prescription for Joanne had been put in the system for Joan, complete with my phone number and date of birth.

I can’t wait to see what mess-up happens next.

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