Can’t Get This Customer Squared Away

, , , | Right | May 7, 2018

(I work at a store for a major shipping company. We sell packaging supplies, and have over forty different sized boxes. Corporate only allows us to display a very specific selection of boxes, and we’re only allowed to display up to six at a time. It’s near Christmas time, so we’re quite busy. One of my coworkers calls me up to help someone figure out what size box he wants to buy.)

Customer: “I need to buy a box.”

Me: “Great! Do you know about what size box you’re looking for?”

Customer: “Just get me the same one I bought last time.”

Me: “I’m not the one who helped you the last time you were in, so I’m not sure what size box you bought. I can help you figure out a size, though; what is it that you’re putting in the box?”

Customer: “Uh… Well… We can figure this out. It was a box that was big, but not so big. It was a good size, though, you know? And it was definitely a rectangle, not a square. Maybe you could just show me all of them?”

Me: “We have over forty different box sizes for sale, ranging from six inches by six inches by six inches, all the way up to three feet by three feet by three feet. Here’s a list of all of the sizes, or if you want to look at the display, you can tell me if the box you’re looking for was bigger or smaller than the sixteen cube over there.”

Customer: *pushes the box list away without looking at it* “No, it wasn’t one of those. It wasn’t a square. Hmm… How to do this? Could you just bring up one of each of your boxes and show me? I’ll know it when I see it!”

Me: *looking at the line of customers still waiting to be helped* “Realistically, no. Especially during the Christmas rush, I can’t show you all of our boxes. I’ll grab you a pretty commonly-used size, and you can tell me if you want to go bigger or smaller.”

Customer: *heavy sigh* “Fine, we can do it your way… but I still think I need to see them all so I can compare them. I’ll know it when I see it!”

(I go to the back and grab a box that’s twenty inches by fifteen inches by nine inches, and bring it back up to him.)

Customer: “No, that definitely wasn’t it… You know, it might have been this sixteen by sixteen by sixteen? Or maybe the eighteen by eighteen by eighteen? One of the ones on display.”

Me: “Okay! Did you want to buy the sixteen and the eighteen, or just one of them?”

Customer: “I guess I need both… It was definitely one of them, though! Actually, wait, it wasn’t a square, was it? Now that I’m thinking about it, it might have been close to a square…”

Me: “I’ll be right back up!”

(I go to the back again, and grab a box that’s eighteen inches by fourteen inches by fourteen inches.)

Me: “Was it this one?”

Customer: “YES! I think so.”

Me: “All right, so you’re just getting the eighteen by fourteen by fourteen, right?”

Customer: “Umm… No… I think I need all that I looked at. It was definitely one of these three, though! I’m almost positive it was one of them.”

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