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Can’t Fight Tooth Or Nail For That Appointment

, , , | Right | January 16, 2019

(I work at a very small dentist office in a very small town. We service at least 1,000 patients with one dentist. It’s a Friday. The doctor is at a meeting all day and I am just here answering phones. We are an affordable dentist office. Nothing fancy here.)

Me: “Dr. [Dentist]’s office; how can I help you?”

Patient: “Yeah, um, I was in there a few months ago and had a root canal. I couldn’t afford a crown, so the doc did his magic, but the filling is really loose and I think it may come out. Can I come in this afternoon and have him fix it again?”

Me: “Oh, no! I am so sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, the doctor is out today and we are completely filled up on Monday. I will be more than happy to get you in on Tuesday around two o’clock.”

Patient: “WHAT?! Tuesday is too long to wait! My tooth is already ruined. If I wait until Tuesday it will be totally ruined! I will just go somewhere else!”

Me: “That’s fine, sir. Have a great day.”

(This happens more often than not. People think they are the only patients we have and that the world revolves around their tiny, sad, smalltown lives. Twenty minutes go by. The phone rings again.)

Me: ”Dr. [Dentist]’s office; how can I help you?”

Patient: “Yeah, um, I’ll take the two o’clock on Tuesday…”

Me: “Not a problem, sir. I’ve got you down and we will see you then. Thanks and have a great day.”

(Sad thing is, he probably called around and found out how much most other dentists charge for simple procedures. You’re paying for his nice new office, chairs, all the pretty assistants, and his new BMW parked outside.)