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I Can’t Even Meat You Halfway

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(I go to a popular sandwich shop for my lunch. I’m a vegetarian, not because I dislike the idea of animals dying to feed me, but because the fats in meat cause me to be sick. It’s quite bad and even cross-contamination can cause me to feel ill. Whenever I go, I always ask the staff to change gloves, and have so far never had issues… until today. I watch each stage to make sure contamination is avoided. There are no issues, and the staff members are all accommodating, until we get to the final stage where they cut my sandwich. First, the staff member refuses to change gloves until I insist, then she looks at my sandwich, then back to me, and then she picks up the knife clearly covered in fish and mayo from the fish sandwiches and cuts mine in half, the whole time looking right at me with a clear smirk of victory.)

Me: “Well, I hope you had fun there. You can make me a new one now.”

Staff: “But you… You can’t.”

Me: “I can, since I specifically said to each person here that I can’t have anything that has had meat or fish on it or I become sick. Would you have shoved peanuts in my food if I said I had a nut allergy?”

Staff: “Well, no. That might kill them!”

Me: “And while it may not kill me, that sandwich will have me throwing up for the next hour.”

Staff: “But I just thought you were one of those losers that refuses to eat meat.”

(I just gave her a blank stare until she relented and had my sandwich remade. I complained to the manager, and it turned out she was a new hire and this was not the first time she had caused problems. But seriously, anyone out there working in the service industry who thinks it’s funny to not listen when people ask for something not to be included in their food: listen. It might not be a fad; it might actually be a health issue.)

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