You Can’t Erase Misogyny

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(My mum is British and my dad is American. They met and married in the USA, which is where I was born as well, but we moved to the UK shortly after that. I therefore spent almost all my school life in the UK, before my parents split and my dad moved onto the US airbase, where he worked, with the intention of going back to the USA. I decide to join him, but I need to go to school at the US airbase for a few weeks. I am the only British kid.)

Me: *to a boy* “May I use your rubber?”

Boy: “What?”

Me: “Can I have a rubber?”

Boy: *sneering* “British girls really are easy, slut!”

Me: “The h***?!”

Girl: “She means an eraser, [Boy]. Remember the teacher said we use different words?”

Boy: “Well, she’s in the USA; she should speak English.”

Me: “I am speaking English!”

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