Can’t Discount The Discount

| Working | August 23, 2014

(We are working a 40%-off everything sale when a note comes through on the registers that an update didn’t go as planned, which should have deleted the sale program and put everything back to full price. We notice that the prices are even more discounted than they should have been.)

Coworker: *ringing help desk* “We’ve noticed that the prices are wrong. They have too much discount on them.”

Help Desk: “You need to change every price back to the proper price when you scan in each item.”

Coworker: “You want us to change the price of every item?!”

Me: *looking at the line of over 30 people each carrying a large number of items* “You have got to be kidding. We are going to be lynched. Tell him we can’t do it.”

Coworker: “We have to do it.”

(Each time we try to change the price it just goes back to the extra discounted price. IT put in place a block that prevents us from changing the price. My coworker calls the help desk again, who again tells us we have to change the price, so she rings our district manager and explains.)

District Manager: “Oh, I just had [Location] store on the line asking for permission to keep selling at the extra discounted price. I said no.”

Coworker: “But the computer won’t let us change the price.”

District Manager: “Are you sure?

Coworker: “We keep trying and customers are getting angry with us. There’s 30 of them giving us filthy looks right now.”

District Manager: “Okay, you can do it. I better call back [Location] again and let them know, too. I thought they were being lazy…”

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