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Can’t Clearly See The Reduced To Clear

, , , , , | Right | April 7, 2019

(My brother works as a stocker in our local supermarket and relayed this story to me. He’s often asked to find items while working, and he has to give customers “rainchecks” if the store doesn’t have the item the customer wants, so they can get it at the sale price when stock comes in. However, there are cases like this one, where a lady comes up to my brother and points at a toothpaste marked “reduced to clear.”)

Lady: “I would like this toothpaste, but there’s none on the shelf.”

Brother: “Then I’m sorry, but we are out of stock. The item is reduced to clear, so we have no further stock.”

Lady: “I want a raincheck.”

Brother: “We won’t have this again.”

Lady: “I want a raincheck.”

Brother: “It’s marked reduced to clear; we’re not going to have it again for, at the earliest, a very long time.”

Lady: “You have to give me a raincheck.”

Brother: “We are not getting any more stock of this toothpaste, and rainchecks are not valid in other stores.”

Lady: “I want a raincheck.”

Brother: “Fine. I’ll go get you one.”

(He then went out the back and proceeded to continue with his job, waiting out the woman because there was nothing he could do to help her and he’s not the type to waste time on stupid.)