Can’t Cedar Forest For The Trees

| | Right | December 25, 2009

Customer: “These Christmas trees all look so fake! I want to get one fresh from the Everglades!”

(I chuckle, and then realize he is serious.)

Me: “Sir, the Everglades aren’t exactly known for there Christmas trees.”

Customer: “Oh yeah! I forgot, it’s all frozen.”

Me: “No sir, the Everglades are in the middle of Florida.”

Customer: “Oh, well I was never good at geometry anyway.”

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  • Ellie Paine


    • Welcome to NAR! The ultimate repository for human stupidity!
      Have a fishy stick!

  • You mean GEOGRAPHY?

  • Hahn Ackles

    To be fair, for some reason “Everglades” just… *sounds* like the name of a place that would be frozen. idk why. XD