Can’t Catch Up With The Catching Up

| Friendly | February 10, 2016

(I am at work when a friend of mine, who I haven’t caught up with for a while, messages me.  He also has a tendency for being antisocial.)

Friend: “Hey, man, it’s been ages. We need to catch up. I’ve finished work up for the year so when you free?”

Me: “Well, I’m at work for the next hour. After that I’m free.”

Friend: “Actually, I’m busy tonight.”

Me: “Well, I work in the CBD; come visit me on my break tomorrow and we can do lunch?”

Friend: “Umm, I’m busy tomorrow, too.”

Me: “Thursday, then?”

Friend: “Actually, I’m really busy at the moment; maybe in a few weeks?”

Me: “But you’re the one who wanted to catch up!”

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