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Can’t Blame That One On The Dog

| Related | September 12, 2016

(My aunt and uncle are going out of town, leaving my family to take care of their Yorkie who is very shy but still pretty close to my father and me. On the first night, the Yorkie sleeps with my parents on the bed as it is not accustomed to sleeping on the ground like our two other dogs. Being wide awake, the puppy sniffs around my father who is growing tired of the dog’s movements.)

Dad: “[Yorkie], stop sniffing me or I’m going to fart on you.”

(My still-awake mom bursts out in laughter, thinking that he is joking.)

Dad: *rips out a big one*

(The Yorkie immediately got startled and ran away from the source of the noise. When my dad turned over to see where he was, the Yorkie was peering over at my dad cautiously from my mom’s hips.)

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